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Our Customers

On April 26th 2008, Cao Hui (Steven Cho), CEO of Fuyao group, received the General Motors 2007 Supplier of the Year award at the ceremony held by US General Motors.
“We are proud to honor Fuyao as one of our Supplier of the Year winners in 2007,” said Bo Andersson, GM group vice president, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain. "Fuyao group received this honor for its outstanding performance and making a significant contribution to the manufacturing of our world-class vehicles.” By now, Fuyao has provided OEM automotive glass for many models for General Motors around the world.

On August 23rd, 2007, the world famous truck manufacturer PACCAR 2006 Part Supplier of the Year Award ceremony was held at St. Louis, U.S.A. Fuyao Glass was recognized and received the exclusive PACCAR award of this award for its high quality products and service. The picture shows Cao Hui (Steven Cho), CEO of Fuyao Group, came up to receive the award.

On June 1, 2005, a signing ceremony was held by Fuyao Group and Audi, Germany in Fuzhou City, indicating the entry of Fuyao Group into Audi’s global sourcing network and that Fuyao has become one of the appointed suppliers of Audi’s auto glass.

In March 2001,In the Detroit Opera House in the USA,top officials of Ford Motors, including vice president Richard Parry Jones, CEO Jac Nasser and vice president Carlos E.Mazzorin, jointly awarded Mr.Cho Tak Wong, CEO of Fuyao Group, the Gold Prize for the Global Best Supplier for 2000. This shows that Fuyao’s products that are characterized by high quality and low cost have fully recognized by Ford Motors, a giant of the international automotive industy.

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