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Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd. (briefly “Fuyao Group”) was founded in Fuzhou, China, in 1987. It is a large multinational company specializing in the manufacture of automobile safety glass and industrial technical glass. It was listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 600660) in 1993 and Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 3606) in 2015, which formed the “A+H” model involving two capital platforms inside and outside mainland China.
Since its inception, Fuyao Group has always been committed to manufacturing quality glass independently for Chinese people and playing a supporting, but significant role in China’s automotive industry. To this end, it upholds the core values of “diligence, simplicity, learning and innovation,” and adheres to its strategic path of independence, applied R&D, openness and inclusiveness. After more than three decades of development, Fuyao Group now boasts a number of modern production bases in 16 provinces and cities in China and 11 foreign countries, including United States, Russia, Germany, Japan, and South Korea; as well as 9 design centers
and 2 R&D centers based in China, the United States, Germany and Japan, with over 29,000 employees worldwide.
At present, Fuyao Group has grown into one of the world’s largest automotive glass suppliers, with its products recognized and purchased by the world’s top automobile manufacturers and major OEMs, such as Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, GM, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, and Chrysler. Providing services supporting OEMs globally and customized solution packages for automobile glass, Fuyao Group has been awarded excellent global supplier recognitions by various automakers.

Fuyao Group is proactively exploring and carrying forth the industry 4.0 concept. With its development motivated by knowledge and innovation, Fuyao aims to provide quality glass with “spirit” for its customers through intelligent manufacturing. It ranks among the top companies in the global glass industry in terms of information technology and production automation. In recent years, it has received various awards and titles for its innovation capabilities, such as the China Quality Award (CQA), Demonstration Enterprise for Intelligent Manufacturing, National Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, and National Enterprise Technology Center.
Fuyao Group has been included in the list of Top 500 companies and Top 500 private enterprises in China by Fortune magazine for several years. It has also received various social awards and honors, such as the Outstanding Corporate Citizen of the Year Award, the Outstanding Listed Company of the Year Award, and the CCTV Outstanding Employer of the Year Award. Since the year of 1987, Cho Tak Wong, as an individual donor, has donated more than 16 billion yuan, which won him the reputation as the “real top philanthropist”. In 2018, he was included in the List of 100 Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs in the 40 Years of Reform and Opening up. In 2009, he was awarded Ernst & Young’s World Entrepreneur of the Year, equivalent to the Oscars, but for entrepreneurs. In 2016, he won the Phoenix Award, the most prestigious prize in the global glass industry, and the panel observed that “led by Cho Tak Wong, Fuyao Group has changed the global structure of the automotive glass industry”

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