Board of Directors

The board of directors of the company consists of nine directors, including three independent directors. The board of directors is responsible for the general meeting of shareholders and is responsible for the management and management of the company's legal person assets. It is the company's business decision-making body. The Board of Directors established special committees such as strategy, auditing, nomination, remuneration and assessment in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the general meeting of shareholders. The responsibilities of the board of directors of the company are: Ensure the validity of financial reporting and internal control systems and ensure compliance with the Hong Kong Listing Rules; Convene shareholders meeting and report work to shareholders meeting; Execute the resolution of the general meeting of shareholders; Determine the company's business plan and investment plan; Formulate the company's annual financial budget plan and final account plan; Formulate the company's profit distribution plan and make up the loss plan; Formulate companies to increase or reduce registered capital, issue corporate bonds or other securities and listing plans; Formulate plans for major acquisitions, repurchase of the company’s shares, mergers, divisions, dissolutions, or changes in company forms; Within the scope authorized by the general meeting of shareholders, determine the company's venture capital, asset pledges and other guarantees; Determine the company's internal management organization settings; Decided to appoint or dismiss the general manager of the company, the board secretary, and their remuneration; based on the nomination of the general manager, decide to appoint or dismiss the company's deputy general manager, chief financial officer, and other senior management personnel, and decide on their remuneration and incentives and penalties; Formulate the company's basic management system; Formulate amendments to the company's articles of association; Management company information disclosure matters; Submit to the general meeting of shareholders the appointment or replacement of an accounting firm that is audited by the company; Listen to the work report of the general manager of the company and check the work of the general manager; The provisions of laws, regulations or articles of association, and other powers conferred by the general meeting of shareholders.