Ambassador Zhang Qiyue : Fuyao Shows U.S.-China Cooperation can be Mutually Benefit
2018-04-20 4769

Ambassador Zhang Qiyue, Chinese Consul General in New York paid a visit to Fuyao Glass America on 19th April local time, received together by Vice CEO of Fuyao Group and President of Fuyao Glass America. Meanwhile, a number of political and business representatives from Ohio attended this meeting.

The Meeting was reported in the headlines of Dayton Daily News of the day.

During the discussion of U.S.-China trade situation, Zhang Qiyue expressed that Fuyao Glass America has supplied a “case study” for U.S.-China trade which shows that only trade cooperation between the two countries can be mutually beneficial. “They (Fuyao) have created a miracle within a short period of time,” said Zhang Qiyue, “They(Fuyao) have created so many jobs in Ohio.”

Local political and business leaders told Zhang Qiyue that they hope “Fuyao Experience” will drive more industries to make investment here.”

Zhang Qiyue(Middle) expressed that Fuyao created a miracle in a short time.

Zhang Qiyue took group photos with Sun Yiqun(Vice CEO of Fuyao Group), Liu Daochuan (President of Fuyao Glass America) and political and business representatives from Ohio.

The predecessor of Fuyao Glass American plant was a truck assembly plant of General Motors which was closed after 2008 financial crisis when local economy dropped to bottom. Fuyao Glass America Inc. was built and launched into production in Dayton, Moraine, Ohio in 2016 and turned profitable in 2017 with over 2,000 employees now. The investment has spawned the business recovery of surrounding logistics and catering industry, which was reported by local media that “Fuyao brought the rust belt back to life”.


Ambassador Zhang Qiyue  

Chinese Consul General in New York

With rich multilateral and bilateral diplomatic experience, Zhang Qiyue served as Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Belgium and Indonesia respectively. Her previous posts also included the Secretariat of United Nations Headquarters in New York and Chinese Permanent Mission to the United Nations. She worked as the Spokeswoman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry as well as Deputy Director General of the Information Department from 1998 to 2004, and as Director General of the Department for Diplomatic Missions Abroad from 2012 to 2014.